Workers Compensation Insurance in CA


Workers compensation in California is a highly detailed and nuanced subject. As the regulations are very state-specific, it is important to understand what your obligations are in the state of California and how you can ensure compliance. As it would be impossible to explain every letter of the law in one post, we’ll look at […]

CEA: Earthquake Insurance Purchases up Sharply in CA

CEA:  Earthquake Insurance Purchases up Sharply in CA

    The California Earthquake Authority sold 9,000 earthquake policies in January of 2018. That’s more than the average number of policies sold for an entire year from 2005 – 2015 and on track to exceed last year’s record 90,707. What’s causing this big increase? And does buying earthquake insurance make sense for you? Living […]

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

  Sometimes, insurance language has its quirks. As if insurance wasn’t confusing enough, there are many terms that originated over a century ago still in use today. Inland Marine is one. It sounds like you’d only need it if you have a boat, but in reality, it’s not about boats at all. Well, at least […]

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability: More than Harvey Weinstein The community college trustees looked around the table at each other. Two months ago, the President of the college resigned after being confronted about unusual items on his expense reports. Today, he demanded his job back and threatened to sue for wrongful termination if the board didn’t reinstate him. Wrongful […]

What is Umbrella Insurance


What is Umbrella Insurance? Ashley could see the flames and hear the sirens. What just happened? Frantically, she checked the back seat where her 17-month old son Jayden was nestled in his car seat. A huge relief swept over her when she saw he was scared, but okay. She quickly leapt from the car, snatched […]